Merchandising - Endcap displays

RussK's avatar By: RussK | October 12 2018 | (0) Comments | Categories: Design  Merchandising  Work  Throwback Thursday 

​I was going through some old files and came across a batch of merchandising sketches I had done for endcap and showroom displays. Below are a couple of them.

The trick to good merchandising is to think in a modular fashion. It also helps to have a sense of how things might be constructed as you go along. Although I don’t have any renders below, I finds a good trick is to build in a 3D software package that lets you work freeform and sort of work your way down into the details & dimensions.

For me, I have always had a good sense of how to build things, so when I design, there is a sort of moving assembly line floating through my head.

Merchandising display 1
Merchandising display 2

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