Personal Illustration - Mountain Dulcimers

RussK's avatar By: RussK | December 02 2018 | (0) Comments | Categories: Illustration  Cinema 4D  3D Modeling  Retouching 

I used to do 3D & Illustration stuff for the enjoyment of it all the time, but then things got in the way & I realized it had been a while. So below is my first venture into 3D modeling, texturing & rendering in quite a while.

After he retired, my grandfather made Appalachain Mountain Dulcimers and sold them at Crafts fairs all over NE Ohio & the surrounding states. That is my motivation to do this illustration. It isn’t overly creative or anything, but I do feel they turned out rather nice.

Dulcimer Render 1
Dulcimer Render 2
dulcimer wireframe

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